Marcus B. Smelly was a dirty little fella - who hated to be clean. His mother tried her best to teach him like the rest, the importance of good hygiene. However, Marcus wouldn't have it, he thought himself a bandit with his own brand of stinky feet! He loved having germs and soap made him squirm, enough so that he could barely sleep.

He was always sick from his head to his toes. You could hear him coming by the sniffle of his nose. He smelt really rotten like stinky cheese, and he never covered his mouth when he would sneeze. He had red whelps from scratching his fleas, and if you stood too close - you might catch a disease.

"Oh Marcus, Oh Marcus!" his mom said in a huff. "You are too sick; I've had quite enough!" She caught the wild boy as he ran for the door, and wrestled him swiftly down to the floor.

"Off to the Doctor, I'm taking you. Your fevers too high - you might have the flu! Who knows what you have; just how sick you are? You think you're a bandit but you've gone too far. The flies follow behind you at least two feet and by the look in your eyes you haven't slept in weeks!"

So off to the Doctor the two of them went; walked into the office of Dr. Dement. Marcus looked scary all covered in germs; the doctor took one look and knew the boy had worms...